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Toronto based journalist & filmmaker Mark R. Hasan interviews artists & producers for the film / video / filmmusic media site KQEK.com and the filmmaking site Big Head Amusements.com.

Filmmaker Zach Weddington discusses the making of Viva Amiga (2017), his affectionate chronicle of the beloved home computer that evolved from a game machine to a pioneering multimedia system for musicians, filmmakers, gamers, and artists.

Available digitally from Vimeo, we also discuss the extensive bonus interviews (many free) and the Amiga's impact, including the iconic video editing system the Video Toaster from Newtek, plus vintage computing and video gear.

Visit KQEK.com for a review of Viva Amiga and the lightly discussed Stinking Heaven, and my ongoing blog (Mis)Adventures in Video at Big Head Amusements, which includes a link to Newtek's award-winning Video Toaster demo Revolution 1.0 + 2.0.

Special Zach Weddington, whose next project is Arcadia, a history of arcade games. Visit his production site www.rocksteadymedia.com for more info.

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