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KQEK.com ---  The Mask (1961) + The Canadian Horror Film: Terror of the Soul book launch (2015)


This partial Editor's Blog features edited excerpts from the pre-screening intros of Julian Roffman's The Mask (1961), Canada's first feature-length 3D and horror film, screened in 2012 and 2015 at the TIFF Bell Lightbox.

The 2012 extract focuses on the fragile state of a rare 35mm  print and the 3D process, while the 2015 extract covers both the book launch of The Canadian Horror Film: Terror of the Soul, with editors Gina Freitag and Andre Loiselle providing contextual background info on Canadian film history and The Mask's uniqueness.

Read the full Editor's Blog at KQEK.com.

Read a detailed review of KINO's 3D Blu-ray and DVD editions of The Mask.

Additional info on The Canadian Horror Film is also available.

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