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KQEK.com --- Interview with The Baby director Dan Spurgeon and actor Frank Blocker (2015)

Back in 1973, veteran TV and feature film director Ted Post helmed The Baby, a film written by playwright and occasional film & TV writer Abe Polsky.

The Baby tells the story of a social worker assigned to check in on a most unusual case: a grown man living in a crib with the emotional and intellectual capacity of an infant.

The eccentric plot, bizarre characters, twist ending, and classic seventies kitsch motivated writer / director Dan Spurgeon to adapt Polsky’s script into a play with a little more camp value and grindhouse qualities.

Spurgeon’s bawdy play, which remains very faithful to the characters and Polsky’s plotting, debuted in Los Angeles in 2013 with actor Frank Blocker playing the venomous matriarch Mama.

Currently running at Toronto’s Storefront Theatre until November 1st, The Baby retains several members from the original L.A. production, and in this month’s podcast I spoke with writer / director Dan Spurgeon and star Frank Blocker about the impressionable film, the play’s genesis and creation, Blocker’s clever interpretation of Mama, bad seventies music, and slight differences in L.A. and Toronto audiences.

Also available: reviews of the 2015 Toronto production + the Severin Films Blu-ray of the original 1973 feature film.


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