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Jazz composer & improviser Marilyn Lerner discusses performing her score live for Frank Borzage's silent classic Street Angel (1928) at Toronto's Revue Cinema in November of 2017.

Also discussed are Lerner's prior scores, including Carl Theodor Dreyer's The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928), and the nuances of improvising music live for cinema audiences.

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Special Thanks to Marilyn Lerner, the Revue Cinema's Eric Veillette, and Silent Revue series programmer & curator Alicia Fletcher.

Visit Marilyn Lerner's website for more info on the composer and music samples.

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2018's first podcast features a conversation with Peter Roffman, who edited and authored Dear Guelda: The Death and Life of Pioneering Canadian Filmmaker Julian Roffman, newly published as an ebook and available from Amazon.

The nearly hour-long program has son Peter reflecting on the incredible career of Julian Roffman, best known for producing & directing Canada's first feature-length 3D and horror film, The Mask (1961), which I profiled separately in a May 16, 2016 podcast, archived on this channel.

The elder Roffman was invited by John Grierson to join the then-new National Film Board of Canada organization, then became a WWII correspondent, documentarian, and after being blacklisted by Hollywood, Roffman returned to Canada where he established the country's first commercial video post-production house.

Our conversation also includes Roffman's involvement with David O. Selznick, Flipper's Ivan Tors, and much, much more. Reviews of Dear Guelda and related film reviews will follow, but please visit KQEK.com for more info and book links on this podcast.

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